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Simply amazing!!

This summer I had a job that involved me working side by side with people from other countries. They spoke English but some things would get lost in translation. We used this app to explain our conversations in detail and it blew our minds!! It's a little tricky and confusing in the beginning but once you get started, it gets fun! Such a really cool app. We used Russian, Spanish (Mexico), Portuguese (Brazil) and English (USA). I definitely recommend it to help anyone translate conversations in real-time!!

Love it!

I have se this to communicate with ELL students.


This app is amazing. I thought it wouldn’t work but it does!

I love it

Ur such a frikin freek

AWESOME app but robotic

This is an amazing app, and I think the only improvement would be to have an actual local or professional saying the phrases and words versus the robotic voice now. Thanks for such a helpful, innovative app! I can’t wait to use it on my trip to Scandinavia. It’s also helping me learn the language in a super easy and customized way. Very cool.


It has helped me greatly on my vacation in the Yucatan



This app is legit

Okay this app is legit and I’m actually using it in reverse of how you’re suppose to use it to help me learn the language(s) I’m teaching myself hehehe but anyway PLEASE ADD MORE LANGUAGES *cough cough* Swahili...also with korean it would be nice if you guys could listen out for the different forms of speech like the polite form, humble form, intimate, honorifics, etc. :) anyway great app and I will def continue to use this...

No sound

Was told on a YouTube that this is a great app for your iwatch. I spoke into it and it translated but it made no sound. Pathetic. You can’t even hear the translation that loud on the iPhone either.

Good for a one way translator

I am a Russian speaker but probably not so good at speaking Russian. I speak fluently but at the level of a 5th grader and probably with an accent. The reason I give this a 2 star is as followed: 1. Good at translating from English to Russian. Not perfect but understandable. The reverse cannot he said about the translation from Russian to English. In fact sometimes I hold, as communicated, and speak Russian, and it sometimes thinks I spoke English and translates my Russian into Russian again. Now it could be my accent is too different or my vocabulary isn't too complex, but assuming I am in a country where I am not a native speaker, I don’t have faith I will get the proper translation.

This is awesome but...

the subscription based stuff needs to go. I'd gladly pay $40 or whatever it is for something like this but $40 per year is a no go.


This app is truly amazing. 5 starts from me⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Thank you for this app

I think this is great and I introduced it to my 7 year old nephew so he can talk to his Ama because she only speaks Spanish. Connecting families.

App has never worked

This app hasn’t worked since I downloaded it. I get to the tutorial section and flip my phone and the app crashes. Every time. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and it continues doing it.


It would help greatly if mandarin language showed it simplified as well

I’m just a few days I learned how to speak German

Better than Rosetta Stone, at least for faster learning.

Works like magic

Communication in a international hospital just got easier. Perfect for rudimentary commands and deference and trust building

Tabo Vico

Tabo Vico

A lot of work, but bad results...

I bought this app before my trip to Morocco. I had high hope, this could be helpful, but I was wrong! First, they took subscription for whole year, not month for month...etc. Their intentions were missleading. Anyway, when I tried app at Washington airport, it worked, but if you must repat sentence, you cannot do it in app itself, you have to repeat it literaly... But the worst thing about this app I hated the most: You cannot use it if you don't have lnternet conevtion...They should make available to dawnload certain module for language you looking for to be able to use without internet certain amount of time like other app do. Also app is very slow on any LTE network or so... What can I say: This app betrayed me when I needed it the most! If I could give - 5 stars, I would do it!

Needs internet

Just returned from a trip to Europe. Unless you’re rich the average person turns off cellular data and turns on airplane mode when leaving the country. I tried using the app but it was useless because it needs the internet to run it. It needs to work offline.

Love this app

Great app for helping with customer service. I know very little Spanish and have a good amount of Spanish only speaking customers. This has help me with greater service to my clientele. A couple more languages I would suggest is Tagalog, Hawaiian, Samoan and Tongan


Didn’t this used to be free


Love this translator


It works great in the states, I’ll let you know how it works after I get back from Italy!

New language translation?!

I would REALLY appreciate it if, at all possible (most likely so), if you guys would add The Vietnamese language.


For the first time I am in Italy and I can actually communicate with people. The only problem is you need an Internet connection to use it. And if you’ve been here before you can only imagine when you go into stores or restaurants or any place outside there is no Internet connection. That’s the only frustrating part about this app.

Great App !

Love this app , easy , simple & fun to use ! Thanks

So simple, have fun conversing

One button operation speak in either language and it translates in the other. English to Spanish, Spanish to English, or whatever languages you set up in the app. Be sure to pronounce the words as properly as you can. It listens to your word pronunciation and spells out the words that may not be what you intended. figures it out like autocorrect and guess the phrase closely matching that and often...bien hecho! If you don’t know what that means, then get the app and translate it!


I love it. You can literally say anything and it will translate it for you!!!!!!!


I downloaded this out of interest and then discovered I was deemed in a trial mode and that I would pay $4.99 a month I never knowingly agreed to these terms. This is very underhand behavior and tricks you into a trial that automatically gets billed after 30 days and monthly thereafter. Because of this I decided not to try the app Sorry


Me encanta esta App porque me ayuda a comunicarme con la gente de otros países


Don’t download this it’s a scam

Careful!!! Tricks you into a subscription

I don’t know if this is the new App Store System or the idea of the Developers. The App tricks you into a subscription just for downloading the App. If you’re not careful, you will be subscribed without any additional warnings. I noticed and immediately cancelled it. These practices should be stopped as everyone is entitled to transparency and understanding when he/she is subscribing to a service. Sorry for not rating the App itself but after this first impression I have lost trust and haven’t even tried it. —- Update: I now also received a response from the developer, saying that I don’t understand “how it works” and did not read the terms properly. I will leave it up to the reader to judge if users are supposed to read all terms and fine print for every downloaded app or if it is the developers job to ensure transparency (as 99% of developers already do) around when a user is charged or not. I am sure that the developer will continue to dig his heels and try to convince people that their payment terms as like anyone else. They are not. I have many apps and all the paid ones are very clear when it comes to request a payment. This app only uses a small Apple alert that can be easily missed. They know that and many buyers know that as well as you can see from the comment. My advice to the developer: when you’re in a hole, stop digging. Focus on fixing issues rather than on justifying your practices.


This is an amazingly useful app and it works so smoothly

Best app

Best thing ever

Works fine

One of the best translation apps

Amazingly accurate!

Love it!! When will we get Welsh, though? Regardless, this is an awesome app!!

i translate converse

So far excellent!



Doesn’t actually work

I live with some Brazilians who do not speak English so this app is perfect for us. Except when they reply in Portuguese the app actually just catches about 40% of their words and then repeats it in Portuguese?!? As in it doesn’t even attempt to translate back to English. It just repeats, and poorly at that. A translation app that doesn’t even attempt to translate?


HIGHEST MARKS! You’ll NEVER need another TOOL for translating.. I’m in a LYFT rite now. When I changed my destination my driver motioned he didn’t speak English. I was STOKED! Finally I got to use the CONVERSE app! I held it up to the drivers navigation to determine the region of China he was speaking from and BOOM perfect translations in both Chinese and English!

Bribrir to

Love the app

Keep trying

The interface is very nice—much better than Google Translate—but the translation in my tests was almost always mistaken. I used English to Portuguese for my tests, since I can normally detect errors in translations into Portuguese. I got results ranging from bizarre to the opposite of what I said to accurate to obscene. I tried to avoid trivial sentences like "hi, how are you?" since any conversation that matters will quickly become much more complex than that. Here are some examples: "Gabriel I killed a fly" first came out as "Broke that father"—completely unrelated and not even in the right language. I tried it again and got the correct result: "Gabriel eu matei uma mosca". "I studied Linguistics at the University of Michigan" was not correctly recognized, but instead was interpreted as an obscenity. The price is very high for casual use. If you are traveling in another country, then the price is trivially low, since this could make an enormous difference in what you are able to do while you travel. At the same time, you are risking the translation not simply being wrong, but saying exactly the opposite of what you intended. And you are risking that it says something offensive before you have the opportunity to correct it. The emotional (and therefore relational, and possibly therefore financial) damage will be done upon hearing. Explaining that you didn't mean to say that may only partially ameliorate the situation. I recommend using this only after you alert your interlocutor to the fact that the translation is OFTEN wrong, and only if your ability in the foreign language is high enough that you can recognize when it has made mistakes. *Reply to Developer:* You are probably right, but are you mentioning that because that is an Apple-provided function, rather than a part of your app? In order to deal with the very real problem of inaccurate voice recognition, you could display (or play as audio) your interpretation of what the user said, and allow a moment for the user to confirm or deny (and then correct) that interpretation. This is similar to what Siri does, printing your words on the screen as you talk and allowing you to edit if necessary. I'm sure you can come up with a nice way to make the UI function since your company clearly has good UX design skills. The confirmation could be an optional step, in case some users find it unnecessary.

Spanish guy

Its alright

Translates slang!



App is not well thought out...we spoke one word to test it as we are going on a trip in a week and that one word is “stuck” on the way to swipe it out or close it. Please refund my money


It’s great

Just a Horrible app - technically and commercially

I’ve tried this app a few times thinking newer versions would improve… it simply did not and still DOES NOT WORK! The voice recognition gets almost every attempt incorrect, it even thinks I’m speaking the wrong language many times! If the voice recognition works, by chance, the translation is typically wrong! Then the developers beat their chest, saying it’s “FREE”, but the limits on the number of translations are ridiculous and why in the world would anyone pay for a (non) “Pro-version” subscription, when it doesn’t actually work?!? AND NO, I DON”T WANT TO SEND THE DEVELOPER EXAMPLES OF APP MISTAKES TO HELP THEM! Helping them has been futile and the app isn’t worth my time or yours!


Couple of things wrong with the over all concept of translation apps. We finally have the technology to bring this world together and communicate with others..but you have to pay money to do so. Second thing, "All 38 languages"? I know it's a work in progress and hopefully they will add more languages down the road but it's hard to come back to an app when it doesn't fulfill your need in the beginning. Preparation is important and I suggest having more than just 38 languages programmed before setting off.

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