iTranslate Converse App Reviews

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Wish it could be used offline

Great for traveling to different countries

Excellent app! Will use a lot.

First time using

It’s Great so far

So helpful

When translating for international students, very helpful

Love this app!

Easy to use. Accurate translations

Great to use with my Japanese and Korean friends!!

It’s wonderful!

It’s sooo good

Very helpful!!

Great app

Very useful for translating conversations, pretty accurate although some words may be used out of context but general idea understood


Me encanta esta App porque me ayuda a comunicarme con la gente de otros países

Love it

Very nice


Good app

Love it

What is sensational app I highly recommend it!

All you need

I love this program. It translates in both directions, spells out the words in both languages and speaks very clearly. What more would you need for quick and easy translating?

Absolutely amazing! I love it

It works very well and it’s very useful!❣️

It is quite underrated

Even thought it could use some minor fixes I think it deserves more credit.


After downloading it asked to click “FREE”, then after clicking it says “Thank you for your purchase.”, then I get an email from Apple saying I have purchased iTtanslate Pro at $4.99 a month, and clicking the “Clock here to review your subscriptions” just takes you to a blank page.

Me encanta.


Great for work and dating

I use this all day. Great for all types of phrases

Feels like a scam

This is an average app. There are better options and they are completely free. I would have given a 3 star if I didn’t felt like I was being scammed in to buying Pro version.

Bad on the service end

Seems to me the developers would rather blame everything else except their app. As if everybody on here doesn’t know how to use an iPhone. 🙄 Don’t believe me? Go look at the responses on the “not so good” reviews.


Truth speaks. Very helpful in this world today

How do I stop the monthly bill?

I deleted the App from my phone and the bill keeps coming. How do I stop it?

They got me

I was out of the country and wanted to quickly download an app. I download the app and get ready to use it. I see it says it wants a $9.99 subscription after a week trial and say oh well. I’m only here for a few days. Tried to get it to work but didn’t. I’m not sure what was wrong cancelled, unsubscribe and removed the app from my phone within 20min. I didn’t want to forget since I was on vacation. I get home and have a bill! Really!!! The app says I’m unsubscribed in my free trial of 20min (although allotted 1 week), but I’m charged for the service on the day I downloaded the app! Yes, for this I’m asking for a refund!


Total garbage. Install it only to find out you only get a seven day trial then they charge you. That’s not an in app purchase.


Saves me every time since I work in sales!


I love the find the Language feature when your not sure of the language. Very easy to use, and on more than one occasion the person i needed to use it for downloaded it right then and there at my job. I use it at work cause I work the floor in retail and its a godsend. No more paging somebody that speaks Spanish. I use this everyday and when I go to Europe next year it will be up and ready.



Beware-auto charges

Please stop auto charging my credit card! I never used this app!

Danke euch sehr

Die App helft mir an der mehrere Zeit dazu um deutsche zu reden 😍

Monthly charge for a translate app?

Really? A subscription plan for a translation app? Are you on drugs? I will use one of the many other apps that will do this. I understand the Pro version is a subscription, that’s just a lame idea. Just charge a flat fee. I always buy the pro versions to support developers. But I won’t support a subscription based app like this.

Awesome app

I don’t have pro app but it’s great i use it many times. Free version has ads so don’t worry just use it. It’s fun.


Perfect for working on a hotel with lots of international guests.

Charged $9.99 renewal without approval!

I downloaded the app months ago and never used it. All the sudden I get charged $9.99 for renewal!! How can this happen. I already deleted the App. Stay away from this App!!!!!

Pretty Good, just avoid complex sentences

Story: my first language is English and I’m only conversational in Cantonese with probably an American accent. When I spoke in English, the Cantonese output was accurate. However when I spoke in Cantonese, the English output wasn’t always accurate. So 1) I think that revealed my accent is stronger than I knew, and 2) this app is very reliant on perfect tone, diction and pronunciation for something to be translated properly. Every time I said “water” in Cantonese (水), it would translate to “die” in English, very likely because the words “water” and “die” in Cantonese sound similar, if tone is not used properly. However my dad, a fluent Cantonese speaker, never had this issue. A user may have to be specific and simple to convey the proper message. For example, saying “I want to order food to go” outputs a oddly formatted sentence in Cantonese. I fixed it by saying “I want to order takeout”, but even then sometimes the app heard me say “I want to order take out” which translated “take” and “out” as two different strings. Overall though, I think I can use this app in causal exchanges like asking for directions or small talk, and am happy with it as It will help me with the Spanish workers I work with , or when I travel to China next summer. But it’s not something to rely on for more complex conversation . Still impressed though. Again make sure you pronounce everything clearly!

Great app


منتاز جدا لكن السعر فيه بعض المبالغه

برنامج ممتاز


Wonderful app!

Does not auto enroll

Seriously people, they have to make money so when you first open the app, it asks you if you want a pro subscription. If you don't, just touch the little 'x' in the upper right. I'm planning on trying this with my Chinese neighbors.

In wanted charges

Do not download to just check out. I started getting a charge in my account. I never use auto subscriptions.

Simply brilliant!!

So simple & intuitive Great UI

Enjoy it!

This app is great,so clear and it!


This app is amazing it has helped me with my job, when I go to restaurants, and go out of state

Great app, minor fixes needed

This is an amazing app that is really helpful, but sometimes words that sound similar can be confused (ist and isst) so if there was a way that it could better use sentences that would make more sense in the context it would be very helpful. Otherwise this is the best translator app I have ever seen or used!


It so useful when I wanna troll my friends in different languages


This is pretty awesome but they should have Latin to help me study for school

The love IS REAL

I can talk with my French girl in French , the love starts now 😂


This app is super cool I totally recommend it

Not accurate, and has many technical glitches

The translation is not accurate and sometimes not making the sense required for the other person to know what you say. Long sentences, more than 5 words, usually get stocked and the app replay a gibberish sentence, a combination of two languages.


This is the best app in the world

Buen app!

This app is great! I used thinking it wouldn’t work well, for my surprise when I speak Spanish it translates to English properly, and same happens when I speak English. I have an ascent when I speak English but this app understands well what I say and translates everything currently. Recommend it to my boss who’s a dermatologist.

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