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Stunningly easy to use and accurate. My friends love it too!

Helped gap a language barrier

So we had a new guy start at work from Puerto Rico, been in the US for 5 weeks and has started English classes. We are mechanics and having this app has helped him and I immensely! We can now communicate with ease when he needs a tool, a helping hand, or just even a question! Makes it nice and easy for general conversation as well!

Just not good enough

I very rarely seem to get the translation I am looking for. I try again and again, it’s just not worth it to me.


This app does what it says it does!


Umm you should let us translate without wifi

Amazing App

This App is wonderful to use but only if you add Urdu it would be amazing as it is a widely spoken language which must be in your app.

Languages and accuracy

I would like if the creators of this app would add other languages besides the most common ones. Also sometimes it gets words wrong on the output.

Pretty Good

Works just has a few troubles separating certain words such as two, and to. Or write and right.

Why the need to flip?

How does it improve the translation? I can’t seem to figure it out. The mic position seems too petty. I’d be dead if that’s the reason. Other than the need to flip it, everything’s good. There goes 1 star.

It is called converse yet you cannot

With the name converse you should be able to converse back and forth yet it will not translate from English to Spanish. I tried switching where I had Spanish and English and still didn’t work. I say Amiga and it just repeats amiga to me. Could have GREAT potential if fixed.


It’s amazing the people comments if they’re really! interesting and learn other languages or communicate with others; they need to study at least the language needed in a different social lifestyle Occasion, for this application;which still in the first stages.

Not very convenient

Most people when using translators understand ‘some’ words and like to say them to get the meaning, you have to spend the time swapping languages on iWatch instead of just being able to hit the ‘swap button’ like on google translate. Also the translations take too long, remember, with the iWatch, people raise their arms to get a translation, 95% of the time you just stand with your arm on an imaginary wall waiting for the app to translate ‘hello’ into Spanish. Edit: Google has a very fast response time, as does Microsoft, as does iTranslate, I have a 350mbps ISP that works 99% of the time. Give your app a try yourself away from your development server and see for yourself.


I recently downloaded this onto my Apple Watch and even when I close the app, it says open on the watch face and will randomly choose to translate even when I am not using it. Is there a way to fix that? Love this app on the phone but with the watch it keeps listening and randomly translating. Help!

Doesn't translate English to Greek

Sometimes works. Mostly just hangs. The app does a 360-degree flip for no good reason and then lags so I'm either reading upside down or else waiting..waiting.. 2 stars for a great idea, nice UI. However, still way too buggy -needs a lot of finessing.


So why is not Persian language?


pls sup persian language .tnx

Expensive Garbage

The complication appears in the list of complications, but if you try to apply it to your watch face, you can’t because it’s not there.

Translation to Mandarin is quick and accurate but...

The app is useless for conversation. If there is a short pause, the last translation is frozen and there is no obvious way to clear it or start another. You must close the app, reopen, flip it around, place your finger and speak another sentence. Another issue is that sometimes, the mandarin is merely re-translated to mandarin rather than to English. Of course the two languages remain selected. I even upgraded but the results are unchanged.



Looks clean and clear cut. I have questions though

Do I have to pay if I just downloaded it off the store (not referring to the upgraded version). I assume the free trial is for the upgraded version and not just the app in general, right?


I’m a Spanish teacher and this helps me and my students quite a bit.

This software app is amazing

This software app is absolutely amazing

Not bad

Can you put Albanian and make it so that I can see what I asked to translate as well as the translated part. Other than that it’s good 👍🏼

Great on iPhone, but unusable on Watch

I’ve gotten impressive results with the iPhone app, but the Watch app is nigh-unresponsive on my Series 3.

Doesn’t work

Watch app did not work at all. It makes you look stupid in public.

Simply Fantastic

I use this app to practice my pronunciation, it's been a big help.

Great but...

I have used this app and it’s proved its worth but I’d rather pay a onetime fee than have to deal with another subscription. So for that reason alone I’m only giving 2 stars

Very good for translations

This app helped me a lot in my travels

best app , plz add persian language

good app , best design and very fast translating , plz add persian language , plz support my country , dont boycott my country & persian language , tnx for design best app

Helps a lot

This helps me speak yo new people. Thanks creators!

Great app



I love it

Well done.

Great app.

Needs improvement

Sometimes doesn't translate well. Translates a sentence into a completely different one, but it's great for what it is. That's why I'm giving it 4 stars, but definitely needs improvement. If they added more languages as they go that would be amazing. I would like to see Punjabi on the list.

Needs some work

The app is beautiful to look at, and easy to use. But after it is used for a while you began to notice it's flaws. It doesn't always interpret what is said accurately, which often leads to inaccurate translations. It also doesn't leave what is said on the screen so it's hard to know what you asked the app to translate. The app tries to sell you on a pro feature, but it's hard to see the value in the feature as the only real value it offers is no ads.

straight forward

works and is simple to use - love it

Pretty Good

In general, it does what it says. But You can’t give it sentences too long. It made less errors than I anticipated, but nothing is perfect nor truly human. But this is perfect for me and my Hispanic wife of six years. She speaks little English and I speak very little Spanish.

$40 subscription fee...

Cool idea but why is every app that’s created now requiring subscription to use? If it were a pay 1 time up front, no subscription then I’d get it. But no way am I gonna constantly pay for something that other apps have for free. I can just use google translate. It’s basically the same exact thing, just a little less fluid.

Nice app, poor translations

I think the team nailed the design and interactions but translations are a bit flaky. It doesn’t recognize questions, every translation I get is a statement.

It's a genius!

I can't believe how close to accurate this app is - I use it all the time!👍🏼

My 2 cents

Love this!

Works as advertised but you can't type your phrase

Get it if you need to talk to other people that don't speak your language.


Wonderful!translation helps when theirs a language barrier and I works good.

Add more languages

I thought I found the perfect app to converse with a new friend that doesn't speak english. However you don't offer Albanian to be translated. I'll buy the app if you could offer additional languages.


Estoy estudiando p/entrevista de citizenship, me ha sido de gran ayuda


This app is very good. Unlike all the competitors, you don't have to select which language you are speaking. Instead, it picks up the 2 selected languages and translates them!


هذا البرنامج مذهل

Simply amazing!!

This summer I had a job that involved me working side by side with people from other countries. They spoke English but some things would get lost in translation. We used this app to explain our conversations in detail and it blew our minds!! It's a little tricky and confusing in the beginning but once you get started, it gets fun! Such a really cool app. We used Russian, Spanish (Mexico), Portuguese (Brazil) and English (USA). I definitely recommend it to help anyone translate conversations in real-time!!

Doesn't work

I can't get this app to move past the "flip screen now"

If u travel often

Amazing app and its really useful

  • send link to app