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Heck yeah.

Me gusta esta aplicatión.

Pretty Good

In general, it does what it says. But You can’t give it sentences too long. It made less errors than I anticipated, but nothing is perfect nor truly human. But this is perfect for me and my Hispanic wife of six years. She speaks little English and I speak very little Spanish.


Pls support.💐🌹

$40 subscription fee...

Cool idea but why is every app that’s created now requiring subscription to use? If it were a pay 1 time up front, no subscription then I’d get it. But no way am I gonna constantly pay for something that other apps have for free. I can just use google translate. It’s basically the same exact thing, just a little less fluid.

Nice app, poor translations

I think the team nailed the design and interactions but translations are a bit flaky. It doesn’t recognize questions, every translation I get is a statement.

It's a genius!

I can't believe how close to accurate this app is - I use it all the time!👍🏼

My 2 cents

Love this!

Works as advertised but you can't type your phrase

Get it if you need to talk to other people that don't speak your language.


Wonderful!translation helps when theirs a language barrier and I works good.

Add more languages

I thought I found the perfect app to converse with a new friend that doesn't speak english. However you don't offer Albanian to be translated. I'll buy the app if you could offer additional languages.


Estoy estudiando p/entrevista de citizenship, me ha sido de gran ayuda


This app is very good. Unlike all the competitors, you don't have to select which language you are speaking. Instead, it picks up the 2 selected languages and translates them!


هذا البرنامج مذهل

Simply amazing!!

This summer I had a job that involved me working side by side with people from other countries. They spoke English but some things would get lost in translation. We used this app to explain our conversations in detail and it blew our minds!! It's a little tricky and confusing in the beginning but once you get started, it gets fun! Such a really cool app. We used Russian, Spanish (Mexico), Portuguese (Brazil) and English (USA). I definitely recommend it to help anyone translate conversations in real-time!!

Doesn't work

I can't get this app to move past the "flip screen now"

If u travel often

Amazing app and its really useful

If this app can be use offline it will be great!


Add More Language

Add Persian Language Please !

Love this!

I really love the idea of this app. I would really like to see Vietnamese and Tagalog added to the languages. I shoot a lot of Vietnamese weddings and this would be super useful. If there is a possibility of an offline mode. That would really take this app to another level. Thank you again!


Works great on simple sentences.

I love it!

It's so easy to use!

Amazing App

The app is wonderful but why does it start upside down?¿It's ruins most of the fun but still even upside down I love using it:)


برنامج ممتاز

Help with my other family

I love this app, it really helps me communicate with my wife's family in Colombia, but when are you going to add South American Spanish( its different from Spain or Mexico Spanish


Мне очень понравилось приложение!


It is awesome I love it


Complete and absolute garbage. I have to repeat myself every time, I'd rather use google translate.


Muito obrigado


This is app is no different than many other translation tools out on the market. It simply cannot get around the issue of translating common colloquialisms into the target language. Ex; English: "I'm great today". Your app(and all others) translates the Spanish to "I'm big today". Because I know Spanish I was able to change my English to "I'm fine" and it translated to the correct meaning. Google translate and others do the same thing. The only thing this app really offers is when I say something it translates and says it out loud automatically for the listener. However, most common people will look at you funny if you say "I'm big today". Once the translation algorithms can best this problem then you've got your true babelfish. UPDATE(Aug 18, 2017): Devs. Regarding your reply back to me, you obviously don't want criticism when you say that my opinion "is a little harsh". Lowering my two stars to one for lack of the warm-fuzzies from you. SHAME! (ding ding). You should make me WANT to come back and use your app, not state your frustrations to me. Keep working on it and I hope you get around the issue of collquialisms and slang. IMO it'll never happen unless you either invent a new algorithm for it or you create a huge static list of slang in every language. I speak multiple languages and this problem has existed since translation software came on the market many years ago when I first tried to cheat in teacher college. :). But for now, the same thing your app does is the same thing I can get from google translate. The only difference from today's software and that of the 90s is I can get it online and don't have to install it. That's it. No offense and I'm sorry you don't like this opinion. The flip-the-phone-around thing is a great idea. Kudos on design.

Works well, but stability is an issue

Thank you for your feedback. I was far too harsh in my previous review, because you stated upfront that this is a new project. Holding the phone upside down does work very well. I've noticed this in other voice recognition apps. The actual thing I don't like is that IOS doesn't support 180 degree rotation.


App did not work, could not understand anything we were saying, no matter how clearly we spoke into the microphone. I have an iPhone 7 Plus, no excuse for it not to work, thank goodness I didn't wait to test it out while I was already on my trip to Mexico.

Now able to continue after redownload

As I'm using the free trial, I get to the point where it says "swipe down to go back". I then can't swipe down, as it pulls up the pull down menu, and doesn't seem to acknowledge me swipe. Aggravating, I'm not even able to use it. Update: it is working now, after redownloading. The distance from the top was not the issue, as I could pull from anywhere on the screen and got nothing or the pull down. It works great now, and while I thank the creators for responding, that was not my problem.

Inaccurate from Korean to English

I gave this a try speaking Korean to translate into English. It works for extremely simple phrases, but the translation is pretty rough and it has a hard time differentiating between questions and statements. I became frustrated quickly. Edit: in response to the developer- I did not state whether or not I had clear diction. To be frank, I spoke slowly and clearly in Korean, a language I grew up speaking at home with my family. That's quite an assumption you are making.

Urdu language is missing

It would be great if you guys could support Urdu, that would really help my immigrant parents, thanks. Update: My review was really unfair since they don't support the language, my apologies.


This app is awesome

Offline mode

Being in the military this app would be great while overseas but not everywhere has wifi or data if you had an offline version as well it would make this app ten times better will leave a higher rating when that happens

Fantastic app

Easy to use, not an inconvenience at all, just /please/ add more languages like Filipino and Vietnamese and such! Really good job

Great app

This app helps especially because I'm part Swedish and it can translate english words into Swedish words thats pretty cool it also can help you learn the language too 😀

Great variety of languages

I know this is a new app but it really only has a large variety of common indo-European languages and some Asian languages but please add some more languages like Vietnamese


It wont let me delete it please help!!!

Unable to use

To fully use this app you need to have a "Pro" account. Since I also use iTranslate Pro I thought "great I can use it". After 3 unanswered emails to the apps help email address asking for help in linking my Pro account to this app I've given up on using this app. The non-existent tech support is a problem. YMMV.

Amazing but...

I love this app , I plan to use it to spread the gospel . It eliminates the language barrier perfectly. The only problem is it has to have data so if I'm in a foreign country I can't use it. I don't how they could solve this problem but if they could that'd be amazing.

Good idea but whoever made it needs a lot of work on it still

Got excited after discovering this app but had to delete it almost right after I downloaded. It doesn't work - couldn't translate even simple words! Sign "translating" kept on spinning forever without giving any result. 5 stars for idea, 2 stars because it is not useful

The greatest translation app I have ever used !!!!!!

It is AMAZING! Nothing like it !


This app is incredible and helps a lot! It may not be 100% correct but it gives you a great tool for communication in cases that you cannot even imagine!

This is the one you want. Babel fish.

This is amazing. I'm translating English to Hebrew and Hebrew to English and this is jaw dropping. Thank you! What must it be like to be a coder for this company and realize that you're one of the most awesome people in the history of humanity?


The oyster omlet flies


Perfect translations

Offline mode

Should be able to use offline. Since my entire family speaks Spanish and I don't. It's a great app. It's good to show them! Please make this app work for offline mode!


Was great at first. Did great translation when I first downloaded but then completely stopped translating as of yesterday and today. Super bummed cause I was working with some Hindi speaking folks and it totally failed for me by not even picking up our voices.

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